Killing Volts

Killing Volts is a powerful 4 piece rock band born in Geneva. Their music is direct and powerful. Electrifying instantly the ambience and provoking acoustic landscapes with energetic riffs, sexy vocals and compact sounds. Hailing from Switzerland, power rock combo The Killing Volts ask an interesting question on “Why Should I Say Yes”. Well, these four songs might be a good reason to say “yes”. to this band. With electrifying rock ‘n roll songs and the powerful vocals of Tania, The Killing Volt certainly convince. If you’re into Bikini Kill, PJ Harvey, Babes In Toyland, The Breeders and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, these rockers are something right up your alley. The cover version of ‘Tainted Love’ is very enjoyable and the others can easily rock your socks off. So yeah, better check this out before answering the question.

With two members of The Black Widow’s Project and led by Solartones ex-vocalist, The Killing Volts – active since 2013 – unpack with their very first EP entitled ‘Why Should I Say Yes?’ A solid cocktail of power-rock solidly tapered and alternative-punk pest. The group distills a perfectly mastered frontal rock which, if it does not fundamentally revolutionize the genre to the ground, exploits it very well in it’s own ways, with a vocal charisma at the crossroads between Alison Mosshart, Beth Ditto or Skin. We validate even more that beyond the rock striking power tubes , the group also knows how to serve very dark ballads.

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